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Fuse Realty

What‘s our story?
Fuse Realty

Our story is continually evolving, just as we feel the Real Estate experience should be. Frankly, we live, eat, breathe and speak real estate, but we believe that housing decisions should not be clouded by ego, misguided opinions or quotas…they should be driven by what’s right. And more importantly, what’s right for your unique situation. We go to sleep each night knowing we did our best to cultivate positive outcomes: in your life, the lives of those around you, and the communities we work in.

Our goal is for every customer to walk away wondering why real estate was ever done any other way. Before, during, and after, we work hard to ensure you know what to expect, and that your expectations are met. We believe in complete clarity and encourage our clients to push back and ask questions — and there are no stupid questions. We devote ourselves to being more than a good agent, we are a trusted partner, a trusted resource and a trusted voice; and above all…good people. We want to restore peace of mind and trust to a broken system, so your amazing moment can be just that — Amazing.

We get it, life is complex and we believe buying a house shouldn’t be. We’re here. We listen. We learn. We love it.

We’ve got this, and so do you.


At 827Ray’s, we’re inspired by French cooking, fresh ingredients and the world’s finest wines. Led by Chef Wayne Brooks, we are committed to responsibly raised meats and farm-fresh vegetables, cooked in a style that lets the ingredients shine. Each day, we offer a delicious, seasonal menu paired with wines chosen to amplify the flavors of each. From our popular Wine Dinners and special occasion dining to your average Wednesday, 827Ray’s is proud to be home to a community of foodies and wine buffs who appreciate our spirit of culinary adventure.

Double Horn Brewing Co.

The way we see it, human beings have been drawn to powerful places for generations. Places of strong stone, pure water, and ripe promise — where adventurous spirits call and nature answers with all she’s got.

Local lore tells the tale of two mighty bucks, may they rest in peace. According to legend, each met his maker — horns locked in battle — over this fair territory right here. At Double Horn, we happen to agree with both of them. This place is special.

Today, we honor adventurous spirits everywhere by making great beer from what’s here, naturally. Driven by an abiding belief in drinkability, we hand-craft each brew using local waters, strong hops, natural yeasts, and heaping helpings of time.

The result is a range of craft beers you can count on, no matter who you are. From hunters to hipsters, moms to millennials, and jocks to jackalopes, we’re brewing it for you.

We invite you to find a favorite right here in Marble Falls. Pair it up with your choice of classy-to-comfort foods, and savor it in an atmosphere of come-as-you-are camaraderie.

Welcome to Double Horn. Get back to tasting, and let drinkability be your guide.

Texas Barrel House

Texas Songwriter U

With the goal of keeping the art and craft of songwriting alive and well in the great state of Texas, the Texas Heritage Songwriters Association has collaborated with Jack Ingram and the ASCAP Foundation to form the TEXAS SONGWRITER U. We are in constant search of the next great songwriter.

TxSU is an educational program and songwriting competition which serves to identify the best adult songwriters in Texas, while improving upon the quality and quantity of professional songwriting across our state.


DoughGood was born from one mom’s quest for better products for her children. Kelly J. has always encouraged her kids to create, but the typical modeling clays and doughs she found on the market were full of sketchy chemicals and gross colorants. Homemade options were gritty, messy, and not very functional. When Kelly couldn’t find an organic, safe alternative, she decided to make one herself, and DoughGood was born.


Dough Much Better

With rich colors, a great feel, and yummy scents like Lavender and Orange Creamsicle, DoughGood sparks creativity and passion in makers of all ages. All of our products are organic, gluten-free, and all-natural, made in the United States with food-grade ingredients. You could eat it, but it’s more fun to play with it!


Doughing Some Good

At DoughGood, we’re creating more than a better modeling material—we’re also building a model business. Every purchase includes a doughnation to support a worthy cause, and we offer schools and organizations a great non-food way to raise some dough. Because the best way to teach kids about giving back is by letting them be part of the process. At DoughGood, we’re excited to lead the way toward better play and a better world.

Torchy’s Tacos

The tastiest client we’ve ever had: Torchy’s Tacos.  Working with the talented folks at Torchy’s Tacos, theGKWco provided the design and website development for the Torchy’s as they embark on a national expansion.   The fully responsive website, with an emphasis on the mobile interface, has a geolocation-based location finder and an interactive Taco Anatomy quiz.   Beyond the bells and whistles, the site provides a full portal for job application and social sharing.